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Links to Langalade County Information

Please use the links below. Langlade County & Antigo area Info. at your fingertips

Business & Agriculture

Find Information & Links About Area Manufacturing, Business & Agriculture.

Everbridge Notifications

Sign up for Antigo and Langlade County Emergency Elters and Community Information.

Music, Art & Culture

See a List of Resources, Organizations, and Explore Langlade County’s Music, Art & Cultural History.

Social Services

See Information about Support & Health Assistance & Supports in Langlade County.

Clubs & Organizations

Get Involved in One of the Many Clubs and Organizations in Antigo/Langlade County.


Resources, Information & Links About Antigo & Langlade County Government.

Recreation & Tourism

Find Information & Maps of Langlade County Trails, Parks, Lakes & Recreation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Explore the Many Ways You Can Volunteer or Get Involved in the Community.


Learn More About Area Educational Opportunities For Children & Adults of All Ages.

Health & Wellness

Find Area Resources & Links for Healthcare, Mental Health, & Wellness Services.

Relocation Services

Useful Information You Need to Know about Moving Langlade County & Area Cities.